The Entity (Venue) agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement at the time accepts the Service/ Free-mememership Agreement:
  1. As of the Date, the Entity (including authorised representative) grants Evoke Media license, to access the Locations and the Venues and install and place the Advertisements/ Promotions (includes static, Digital displays & electronic devices), or repair or alter any existing Advertisements;
  2. The Entity agrees that during the Term (5-years from Date), the Entity will not allow any other person to place any Advertisements in any of the Locations specifically the Digital and/or Screen advertising including washrooms/toilet areas advertising.  The media is of an exclusive nature to Evoke Media.  If any other Advertisements are found in these Locations (including electronic) then Evoke Media shall remove and send/return directly to advertising client at Evoke Media’s discretion and/ subject to Remedy;
  3. The Entity agrees that it will, during Business Hours, provide Evoke Media with access to the Venues and the Locations to enable Evoke Media to install and place the Advertisements;
  4. The Entity agrees that it will provide Evoke Media with all reasonable assistance required by Evoke Media to assist Evoke Media in accessing the Venue(s) and installing and placing the Advertisements;
  5. Evoke Media agrees that it will use reasonable care and effort during the installation and placement of any Advertisement;
  6. The Entity will not, in any way whatsoever, move, alter or tamper with any Advertisement without having first received the prior written consent of Evoke Media;
  7. Evoke Media agrees that it will not place any Advertisement in the Venues which displays the advertisement of a Restricted Advertiser/ promotions (i.e. competitor/ inappropriate content);
  8. The Entity agrees and acknowledges that all property in the Advertisements and their Container remains with Evoke Media at all times;
  9. Evoke Media acknowledges that they have comprehensive Broadform (Public) Liability to the amount of $10,000,000.00, in the unlikely event of there being any claim of this nature;
  10. This agreement may be terminated at any time by Evoke Media on the provision of seven days’ written notice to the Entity or at the expiry of the term.  Renewal is automatic upon expiry for another Term unless written notice is provided to Evoke Media within 21 days of the expiration date of Term by Authorised Contact/Entity;
  11. Upon termination of this agreement, the Entity will provide all reasonable assistance to Evoke Media and access to the Venues in accordance with the Lisence, to allow Evoke Media to completely remove the Advertisements;
  12. The Entity is bound under this agreement not only in its own capacity but also in its capacity as trustee of each trust of which it is a trustee;
  13. Should the venue change ownership during the term of this agreement, this agreement will be automatically assigned on the sale of the venue to the new owners/entity of the venue;
  14. Digital Media: The Venue has the right to at least 50% of exposure on the screen for specifically its own in-store advertising/ promotional purposes.  Venue Messages are free to post once monthly (12 times a year) otherwise charges may apply of $60 + GST per upload.  Some free generic content is available and we also have creative services at $60 + GST/ hour if required.  Up to 3 slots may be provided to other advertisers displayed every minute.  Messages shall not be in conflict with the venue and venue has final discretion on content.  Free Promo Venue use is for Venue/Entity purposes only and may be subject to Evoke Media’s discretion.   Any content, issues or communication must be provided via our email portal   Allow up to 5 working days for any content uploads/ feedback please.
  15. Washroom Media: From time-to-time, we have commercial clients, these will be approved by your venue at the time of installation and your Venue/Entity will receive 25% commission payment, paid in areas every quarter (where payment is due).  Otherwise will be community/ goodwill based messaging which helps support these important causes.  The A3 frames are also available for your own Venue use subject to availability – simply enquire to Evoke Media for further information;
  16. Payments from Evoke Media to Venue/Entity can only be made upon receiving photographic evidence and then will be paid within 45-day terms;
  17. Remedy: If Venue/Entity needs to exit this agreement/ free membership terms & conditions then a $5000.00 fee shall apply as way of remediation (the total cost of installation);
  18. Any support, malfunction, issues or simply need more information please contact us immediately. We are here to help!!  24/7 Service contact is Zane Barry (Director) Mobile: 0414686747 or Email:
  19. These Terms & Conditions may be subject to change – if this happens you will receive notification and an email copy (as per details provided on Accepted form);
  20. Evoke Media Copyright 2021;