Evoke Media’s Shopping CentreAds come in a number of formats including DoorAds, FloorAds, Hoardings, Banners and EscalatorAds which are not only massive, but also reach huge numbers of people.

These unmissable decals have, for a long time, been an expansive media to offer clients. But Evoke Media are now delighted to have established relationships with high traffic suburban and regional shopping centers that allow us to present them at a reasonable rate.

DoorAds are inescapable door decals that are placed on entrance doors. This media provides a fantastic visual focal point for all patrons entering the facility, especially with great eye catching creative.

Evoke Media’s FloorAds, Hoardings, Banners and EscalatorAds are a great complement to Shopping Centre DoorAds campaigns, literally stopping patrons in their track as they traverse within the centres. FloorAds and Banner campaigns offer wonderful campaign reiteration.