Project Description

Evoke Media’s VenuAds are stylish, metallic A3 advertising displays that are strategically placed within the washrooms of high traffic, popular lifestyle and entertainment venues.

Our diverse venue portfolio covers nightclubs, classy bistro venues, taverns and regional venues. This range allows clients to target 18 – 24 year olds, families, ladies who lunch, business audiences and blue collar workers. In regional WA they offer an opportunity to engage with the local audience, as the venues are a major community hub.

VenuAd campaign creative can also be developed specifically to appeal to one or both genders.

With over 160 metro and 80 regional venues to choose from, clients can cover most suburbs and townships as well as the busy hubs of Perth such as the CBD, Fremantle etc.

Evoke Media can tailor unique and specific campaigns to meet any objective.