Project Description

Evoke Media’s SmartAds are an ideal way to attract attention out in the community and offer an engaging, integrated promotional activity. They are the ideal medium to target high traffic locations and popular events.

SmartAds travel in 2, 3 or 4 car convoys and are a fantastic way to generate awareness for campaigns around Perth. Evoke Media are experts at designing route schedules that reach mass numbers of your target demographic, at key times of the day, to ensure maximum impact.

SmartAd creative is interchangeable with Lightbox FitnessAd and ParkinAd media, streamlining production spend while maximising impact and key messages. They are an eye-catching way of promoting your brand at night, as they can be illuminated while targeting popular entertainment precincts.

To further integrate your brand, promotional Mobile Media Staff may wear client branded clothing or be dressed in a theme. With the option for promotional material or flyer distribution also included, it’s no wonder the flexible, all inclusive SmartAds are one of Evoke Media’s most popular products.