Project Description


Client: Fremantle Prison

Footpath decals are the new and exciting way to stop target audiences dead in their tracks and have campaign messages receptively received ‘on the spot’ so to speak. These incredibly eye-catching large format decals can be placed within broad reaching areas, such as within the CBD, or specific niches and suburbs like the popular shopping and cafes precincts, where daily foot traffic is heavy. With almost being disguised as street art, everyone passing by will be curious to see what lies ahead of them. Footpath decals are great for community based messages due to their ability to reach the masses at relevant timings.

Fremantle Prison was looking for creative ways to ignite interest in the ‘Convict Establishment’ amongst visitors and residents alike. Evoke Media’s footpath decals were used and placed throughout the trendy and artistic city of Fremantle to target pedestrians. The eye catching decals raised awareness of Fremantle Prison, while encouraging the public to seek out information on the the events and exhibitions taking place there – unlocking the secrets hidden behind the prison walls!