Project Description

Evoke Media’s MammothAd is the ultimate mobile media product to hit the streets of Perth – WOW factor included!


Revamped for 2015 with a

The MammothAd is a striking, custom 3-sided advertising trailer towed by top-of-the-range, convertible Jeep Wrangler that can go topless in summer and has a wicked sound system.  Your MammothAd message will stand out on a high quality product. Clients can reach a metro or regional audience, with route schedules designed to hit heavy traffic locations at key times of the day to reach mass numbers of any target audience.

Evoke Media’s MammothAd has the additional benefit of freeway travel during peak morning and evening commuter periods, providing unprecedented opportunities for campaign exposure.

This baby certainly stands out from the crowd and steals attention, providing cut-through for every campaign. With it’s great success, most of the MammothAd bookings come from repeat business and so this massive mobile billboard is always in high demand.

The MammothAd is 100% Carbon Neutral offset.