Project Description

Evoke Media’s InfiltrationAds take campaign messages face-to-face and infiltrate target audiences in out-of-home areas.

InfiltrationAds are large format, static, illuminated displays carried by promotional staff through high traffic locations and events.

InfiltrationAds are in groups of 2 to 8 and can mass cover a location or event or specifically target an audience, adding the human touch to any campaign.

This is an ideal media platform to target heavy foot traffic locations such as:
• The CBD
• Beaches
• Shopping centres
• Subiaco on AFL game days
• Streets and footpaths of Perth

Or key events like:
• Community events (street markets, festivals)
• Farmers markets
• Festivals (music, art)
• Sporting events (rugby, soccer, cricket, basketball)

The ideal way to get up close and personal with your targeted consumer while they are relaxed and in a receptive mindset.