Project Description


Client: Channel 7

InfiltrationAds are simply unbeatable for those looking to get exposure amongst busy, moving crowds of people.

During the massive Giants event for the Perth Festival in February 2015, Channel 7 booked six InfiltrationAds to promote their brand and sponsorship of the event on the busiest day of activity. The InfiltrationAd team walked ahead of the Little Girl Giant as she walked from the Perth Foreshore through the city and up Beaufort Street. The hashtag #7WalksWithTheGiants was unmissable on the InfiltrationAds as the team walked right past literally hundreds of thousands of onlookers as they eagerly awaited the Giant to arrive.

At the destination, the InfiltrationAd team distributed Channel 7 labeled lollipops to countless children, further getting their branding out into the community. With real face-to-face crowd interaction and the ability to adapt their location on the go, no other form of media delivers such versatility for events as InfiltrationAds.